Nutrition Solutions is a specialist nutrition and dietetic clinic for digestive health and gastrointestinal disorders. All appointments are with Jocelyn Hunter Clarke Dietitian (APD) & Nutritionist (AN).


Your stools should be soft and easy to pass and if this is not the case you may be suffering from constipation. You can check out the Bristol Stool chart here and you should be aiming for Type 4 stools. There can be many caused of constipation but in many cases it is related to diet and lifestyle factors.

How can our dietitian help?

  • Assessment and recommendation of diet and lifestyle factors including
  • Types and total amount of fibre in your diet. Recent research indicates that diversity of fibre in the diet (fibre from many different foods) is as important as the total amount of fibre.
  • Daily fluid requirements
  • Exercise recommendations-exercise is an important gut stimulant
  • Assessment of possible food intolerances which may aggravate the condition
  • Referral to pelvic floor physio if pelvic floor dysfunction is suspected of aggravating the condition

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