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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis is an auto immune inflammatory bowel disease which can affect any part of the large intestine (colon). There is no known clear cause and medical treatment focuses on medication to control the inflammation.

Dietary assessment by a Dietitian at the time of diagnosis is important as nutrient deficiencies are possible due to malabsorption. There is often diarrhoea and loss of appetite which can lead to unintended weight loss. Sometimes nutrient and/or high calorie supplements are required.

During active stage (flare up) of the disease a short term low residue diet may be recommended to prevent aggravation of the bowel and help minimise symptoms while inflammation is present.

During the inactive (quiescent) stage of the disease when the inflammation is under control the recommendation is a healthy anti-inflammatory diet with focus on microbiome diversity.

Sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms during the inactive stage despite good management of inflammation. This often means that functional gut symptoms are persisting (irritable bowel) and a supervised low FODMAP dietary trial is often recommended

How can our dietitian help?

  • Dietary assessment and supplementation recommendations
  • Low residue diet plans if required during the active stage of the disease
  • Longer term symptom management which involves identification of trigger foods and this may involve a short term Low FODMAP diet
  • Longer term eating habits with focus on anti-inflammatory foods and nurturing gut microbiome diversity to support gut health

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