Nutrition Solutions is a specialist nutrition and dietetic clinic for digestive health and gastrointestinal disorders. All appointments are with Jocelyn Hunter Clarke Dietitian (APD) & Nutritionist (AN).

What is Telehealth?


A Telehealth consultation has a similar format to an in-clinic appointment. Standard time and fees apply, as do private health fund rebates and Medicare rebates if you have an EPC.

After you have made a Telehealth booking, we simply email a link for you to click on at the time of your appointment. You will receive this link again in your appointment reminder email. Or if you prefer a phone consult, do not link on the link, and wait for Jocelyn’s call.

If you choose video link Jocelyn can still see you, discuss your concerns and provide recommendations. Throughout the consultation Jocelyn will email handouts for you to refer so you will not miss out on any important written information which may be helpful.

Benefits of Telehealth

If you live away from the clinic, you can still get the advice you need. Also, if you are concerned about travel at this time or are feeling unwell, it allows you to keep your appointment with us.

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